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What makes Cosmetic Micro Dentistry in Montclair, CA different than other dental companies?

Montclair CA Dentist Annie Muneer, DMD, offers the whole package when it comes to general dentistry in Montclair, CA and cosmetic dentistry. Our expertise covers every dental procedure you could need, from crowns and bridges to dental implants, denture care and porcelain veneers. We can not only fix dental issues that you thought were a permanent part of your smile, we can actually give you a whole new smile that you will be proud of!

Visit our office today, located conveniently at 9359 Central Ave, Suite D1, Montclair, CA. You can also schedule an appointment or call us at 909-962-8828

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Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Montclair, CA

Let Cosmetic Micro Dentistry in Montclair, CA give you the smile that you have always wanted. Our expert dentist and staff are well-schooled in how to use the newest cosmetic dentistry techniques to provide you with an even smile that you won’t be scared to show off! We can give you a beautiful smile with the use of:

Teeth Implants Montclair, CA

Our dental implants are made to provide a strong foundation for any replacement teeth you may need. They will not only feel like your natural teeth, they will also look the part! Not only will you go back to eating pretty much anything that you want, you’ll also have the confidence to smile again.

Our dental implants can change everything. You’ll discover the joys of laughing, talking, smiling and eating without worrying if others can see your teeth. Call our office today to ask about our teeth implants in Montcalir, CA or to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you! Call Today! 909-962-8828

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