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As a dentist, I have seen so many causes of bad teeth. It could be genetic, or, perhaps, it could be due to various health issues. Regardless of the reason, I (and most other dentists, at that) can fix up a mouth in any shape to at least some degree. However, there are some things that even the best dentist in the world can’t fix.

This fact may seem surprising to you. After all, you’re supposed to go to the dentist to fix all your tooth troubles, right? A good dentist may be able to fix your teeth, but no dentist can stop you from ruining them again. Although free will is a beautiful gift that we have, your ability to do as you please is most often the primary cause behind your tooth issues!

I can’t force you to take care of your teeth, and I can’t hold your hand while you brush. All I can try to control is what happens in my office when you’re in that chair. What I can do, however, is give you the best advice I can, based on my extensive history and knowledge of dentistry. Keep reading to learn about the most common bad habits that are severely affecting the health of your teeth!

Bad Habit #1: Biting Your Nails

We all get nervous sometimes. In fact, as human beings, getting nervous or anxious is totally normal! However, some people’s nervousness or anxiety manifests itself in harmful ways. Even the smallest of nervous habits can be incredibly harmful to you and your teeth. In this case, that little compulsive habit is nail-biting.

Nail-biting is most common in children and is often a habit performed without even realizing it, hence its description as being compulsive. When nail-biting becomes a frequent habit, it can do some severe damage to your teeth and gums. If swallowed, pieces of the nail may end up irritating the stomach lining. It is also possible for the germs transmitted from your nails to get you sick.

Bad Habit #2: Brushing Your Teeth too Hard

As everybody generally knows, brushing your teeth is one of the best ways you can take care of your teeth at home. You can even brush on the go with some cool tools like little disposable brushes with toothpaste already in them. However, it is possible that, if not done properly, brushing could actually hurt your teeth.

If you brush too hard, either with too much physical force or with a toothbrush that is too firm, you may start to wear down the enamel that protects your teeth. Approximately fifteen percent of our population has harmed their teeth and gums by doing this. Receding gums, worn spots on your teeth, or cavities found at a tooth’s root are all symptoms of brushing your teeth too hard.

Bad Habit #3: Not Brushing Your Teeth

The most obvious bad habit is, of course, not brushing your teeth at all. Although many people know this and consider this fact to be common sense, there are still so many people that skip. A lot of times, brushing your teeth may seem like an inconvenience, especially in scenarios where we find ourselves in a rush.

For example, many people who are running late for school or work will skip this crucial routine. Then, they’ll go about their day and drink or eat things like coffee, tea, or junk food that ruin their teeth, especially when brushing is skipped. In those situations, your teeth and gums will erode, slowly ruining your dental health.

Bad Habit #4: Snacking on too Much Junk Food

In the United States, we crave junk food as if it were the air we breathe. In fact, we even consume more than three times the amount of sugar than we’re supposed to, according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services. We eat junk food for breakfast, junk food for snacks, and junk food for dessert. Our whole diet is practically made up completely of junk food. As you continue to fill our mouths will unhealthy and sugary foods or drinks, your teeth will become lined with an acidic film, eroding your teeth and gums and causing bad breath.

Bad Habit #5: Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

Tobacco is, of course, extremely unhealthy. There are constantly commercials all over television and various other forms of advertisement that warn against the use of tobacco. Many people consider cancer to be the primary result of tobacco use. However, your teeth will also be affected severely.

Outside of the rest of your body’s health, tobacco can lead to a slew of dental issues. In fact, these tooth troubles are often the biggest reason people find themselves wanting to quit. (Which is ironic, considering that you might think cancer would be the biggest reason.) Using tobacco can lead to dental health issues such as bad breath, bleeding gums, sore throat, sore mouth, and yellowing teeth. The yellowing teeth are often the most recognized result of tobacco use.