We perform dental bonding here at our office for patients with cracked or chipped teeth. This procedure can be a substitute to teeth veneers and is considered a restorative procedure.

What is dental bonding?

Your tooth will be prepared with a bonding liquid after we lightly etch the surface of the tooth. Once the liquid is set with UV light, we apply a plastic resin to the tooth and form it into the shape that is aesthetically pleasing. The resin is trimmed and polished to a high shine. Your tooth will look and feel completely natural.

Why you should consider dental bonding

You can complete a bonding procedure in just one office visit. It can improve the way your teeth look and give you more confidence in your smile. Please remember, plastic resin cannot compare to the strength of your tooth enamel. Therefore, it can chip or stain more easily than your natural tooth. You may need to have the bonding repaired within three to five years of having the procedure done.