The holiday season is here! Carolers are singings. The sweet smell of pie is wafting in the air. Christmas lights are twinkling. Cookies are being baked, cakes are being iced, and chocolates are being boxed. It’s every kid’s dream and every dentist’s nightmare.

Now, dentists don’t hate Christmas. You won’t catch anyone spreading holiday cheer more than dentists this year. However, with all of the delicious, sugary temptations hovering within reach, dentists can’t help but fear for the safety of their patients’ teeth. After all, no one wants to start the new year with a mouth full of cavities!

After chatting with our dentist friends, we’ve created the ultimate list of tasty, dentist approved holiday treats. Read on to discover a new holiday favorite that both you, your family, and your dentist will love.

Cheesy Reindeer Bites

Delight your guests with delightful reindeer heads made from brie, pretzels, red peppers, and black olives. First, make sure your brie are in bite sized triangle shapes. You can achieve this by cutting the cheese into triangle shapes yourself of by purchasing the brie pre-cut. Next, arrange the triangle so that the singular, smaller point is facing you and the larger bottom side is facing away from you. Place a pretzel in each of the bottom points facing away from you; this will be the reindeer’s ears.

Next, cut your red bell pepper into small circular pieces. Place a single red bell pepper circle on the point closest to you. This will be the reindeer’s red nose. Last, cut the black olive into small round pieces and place two of the black olive pieces just above the reindeer’s red nose to make his two little black eyes. That’s all it takes to make an adorable treat that will make your guests, and your dentist, grin from ear to ear.

Fruit Is Your Sweet BFF

Craving something sweet but, you’ve already hit you’re candy limit for the day? Snack on some fruit! Not only is this a healthy alternative to getting your sweet fix, it’s also great for your teeth and your body. Green grapes, red strawberries, and golden mangos area great way to add festive holiday colors to your appetizer selection.

Juicy oranges are a fantastic way to get a taste of sweetness and give you immune system a healthy boost during flu season. Pomegranates and cranberries are packed with powerful anti-oxidants and can easily be baked into bread for a sweet, healthy holiday treat. When it comes to eating fruit during holidays, the possibilities are endless!


Want some holiday protein to brighten your day? Try using eggs to give the classic snowman a healthy twist. You’ll need eggs, parsley, black olives, and carrots for this fun creation.

First, boil your eggs. Once they are cool, peel them. Then, take two boiled eggs and stack one on top of the other. You can use a toothpick to keep the eggs in place. Next, use small pieces of black olives for the snowman’s coal eyes and buttons. Then, use the parsley twigs as little green snowmen arms. Lastly, slice off pieces of carrot to create the eggy snowman’s classic carrot nose and a stylish carrot hat.

This creation is easy to make and gives you a snack packed with vitamin D and C. You’ll also have the added bonus of chewing carrots, a great way to scrub off any unwanted plague you missed when you were brushing your teeth.

Pita Christmas Trees

Every holiday party needs a little green. Holiday pita Christmas trees are a great way to add a little crunch to your holiday party. For this recipe, you will need pita chips cut into triangular shapes, guacamole, diced red bell peppers, and mini pretzel sticks.

First, insert the mini pretzel stick into the bottom part of the pita triangle. Then spread a generous layer of guacamole on top of the pita triangle. Lastly, add toppings of your choice, like diced red bell peppers, to make edible garland for your pita Christmas trees. This snack is not only healthy and dentist-approved, it also doubles as a fun holiday activities for kids. After all what is more fun than decorating an edible Christmas tree and then eating it?

Friendly Reminders

With sugary holiday treats displayed as far as the eye can see, it can be hard to stick to a healthy plan. However, if you snack on the tasty treats listed above, you’re sure to keep your teeth healthy and happy all winter long.

For extra brownie points with your dentist, make sure you do the following in addition to snacking on the healthy holiday treats listed above:

– Floss At Least Once Per Day
– Brush Your Teeth For Two Minutes, Twice A Day
– Avoid Sticky Candies Like Toffee and Carmel