A denture is a prosthesis that is inserted into your mouth to replace your natural teeth and provide complete support for your cheeks and lips.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are fabricated for those patients who have all of their teeth extracted. They are placed after the tissues and gums have completely healed. After your teeth are extracted, you will be given an immediate denture. This allows for better tissue healing, tissue conditioning and also allows you to continue to smile during the healing process.

The upper denture consists of flesh-colored acrylic that will cover the roof of your mouth, or palate. The lower denture allows room for your tongue, as it is made in a horseshoe shape.

The teeth of a denture are constructed of either porcelain, acrylic or a combination of the two and can be made to fit over endodontically treated teeth. Complete dentures may also be firmly attached to dental implants to permit a more secure fit.

Denture wearers will need to be seen periodically, as over time the dentures can wear down and may need to be replaced or relined so that the jaw alignment stays normal. This is important as the bones and gum ridges will shrink or recede after the initial teeth extraction. The oral tissues should also be checked for changes or diseases periodically, so keeping dentist appointments is crucial. Due to jaw bone shrinkage over time, a new denture is required every 5 years.