When you make the decision to use dentures, you are making a great investment that will need care and upkeep at all times. The way your dentures fit will have a great effect on your oral health. Dr. Muneer will provide you with an annual examination to make sure your dentures are functioning properly.

Dental and Medical Updates are Important

If you experience any changes to your dental or medical history, please let us know. Various conditions can change the way your dentures fit.

Annual Oral Exam

We provide annual oral examinations in order to detect any oral abnormalities. These may include pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions. Detecting any abnormalities early is the best course of action for treatment.

Tissue and Bone Assessment

If your dentures become ill-fitting, they can cause tissue and bone damage to occur. Our staff can help you with solutions for your denture needs.

Denture Comfort

Dr. Muneer will check your dentures for chips, cracks, broken or loose teeth or other problems. If your dentures do not fit right, this can lead to speech impediments, problems biting and chewing and tissue irritants. Dr. Muneer is here to stop these before they occur.

Overview of Your Denture Exam:

  • Examination of your oral cavity
  • Bone and tissue assessment
  • Dental history update
  • Medical history update
  • Bite examination
  • Denture stability examination
  • Cleaning/polishing of your dentures
  • Oral hygiene review