When left alone for a long time, sores caused by loose dentures have lead to mouth cancers.
Take your dentures out every night to allow your gums some rest. Soak the dentures in either a denture-cleaning solution or warm water to keep them moist.

Your dental insurance policy usually provides coverage for five years towards new dentures.

Soft Denture Reline

Sore spots and tender gums can cause some of our patients to be unable to wear ordinary dentures. We may recommend that you reline your denture with a type of material that will stay pliable for one to two years before we need to replace it again. This material eases the pain of sore spots more so than a standard hard reline acrylic does. We may also recommend implant retained dentures, as this is a more permanent solution for this particular problem.

Hard Denture Reline

Your full set of dentures should have a hard reline done by Cosmetic Micro Dentistry every two years. We will remove a layer of plastic from the interior surface of the dentures and then refill it with a putty-like substance. This substance conforms to your mouth so that we can take a new impression. Your denture is sent off to our lab to be readjusted to the new shape so that you have the best contact between your mouth and your denture. We want to make sure your dentures are as comfortable as possible!

Temporary Relines

If your dentures haven’t been evaluated for a while, your gums may become swollen, red, or misshapen, making it harder to take an accurate impression for a soft or hard reline. A palliative, or temporary, reline is a medicated material that will help any inflammation to subside. This type of reline will help the denture to fit tighter and is typically soft and pliable. In a few weeks, the inflamed gums will return to normal and the patient will be ready for either their new dentures or a hard reline.