If you are considering dentures, we understand that you don’t want to live without teeth even for a short period of time. We can construct immediate dentures that you can wear while your permanent ones are being made. We start this process in our office even before your teeth are extracted.

We will first take impressions of all of your teeth and gums so that we can construct an appropriate duplicate for you to wear after your teeth are removed. We will insert your immediate dentures at your extraction appointment so you will never have to go out without teeth and will have a smile you can be happy with.

Understanding Immediate Dentures

We cannot 100 percent judge how the denture will fit in your mouth prior to your extractions (as your teeth are already there!) so we may need to make esthetic compromises to make sure they fit properly in the event of space or structural concerns.

After The Extraction

We ask that you follow our postoperative instructions carefully. Your gums and bones WILL start to recede after your teeth extraction, so we cannot stress enough the importance of check-ups and maintenance appointments at our office. Dr. Muneer will make sure your mouth and gums are healing properly at all times.

A temporary lining or a tissue conditioner will be necessary in order to create the best fit and we may need to correct or adjust them while you are healing. We will also make sure you undergo a permanent denture reline to ensure you have an exact fit when the healing process is finished. Your ultimate comfort is our goal!

Our professional staff will provide you with the best procedure for your individual needs.

Separate Fees May Be Charged For:

  • Temporary denture liners
  • Tissue conditioner
  • Relines

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