We can design a removable partial denture to fit specific needs of a patient that is missing one or more teeth. You’ll be able to speak more clearly and eat easier with this procedure.

A partial denture can be made out of:

•Metal and acrylic composition

Your partial denture will be designed with your unique needs in mind. We make every effort to provide you with a self-cleaning partial denture that will help preserve your remaining teeth and oral tissues.

Dr. Muneer will carefully model your partial denture to make sure you can chew evenly over the entire surface of your mouth. You may need to undergo a few changes to some remaining teeth to ensure that this can happen.

Most of our patients prefer metal partials, as they are structurally superior to acrylic partials. We generally use acrylic partials for temporary or transitional partials. Dr. Muneer will speak with you to figure out the best partial for your special circumstance.

Benefits of a Partial Denture:

•Limits movement of existing teeth
•Chew and grind your food more easily for better digestion