To absorb the shock that can occur between your gums and the hard base of a denture, we will apply a soft liner in-between your oral tissues and the surface of your dentures. A soft liner is useful for new dentures and when existing dentures need to be retrofitted. The pliable material is soft and absorbing and will keep your dentures comfortable.

Every once in awhile, we get a patient who has flatter gum tissues that may not respond the best to dentures and a soft liner that is permanently in place can provide much needed comfort to that individual. Some patients have sharper, bonier areas in their mouths or deal with sore gum tissues on an everyday basis, in which case soft liners can help a great deal. They have many advantages, including:

•Comfortable to use
•Patients will be able to chew easier
•Almost all of our patients respond well to the material used
•Soft liners are a well-known technology that has been around for 20 years and are proven to help

We do ask that all patients schedule follow-up visits to our office and with Dr. Muneer when you use soft liners. We want to make sure that your dentures are fitting well and that your oral health is as best as it can be.