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A dental implant provides a foundation for us to replace any teeth that are missing. The new tooth will look and feel just like natural teeth, as well as function the same.

Implants are tiny titanium posts that we will place into the jawbone of the spot where the tooth is missing. The bone will then bond to the titanium creating the foundation you need to place an artificial tooth. Dental implants not only allow a person to smile confidently again, they also prevent bone deterioration and preserve facial structure.

Dental Implant

We can change your life with dental implants! Rediscover the joy of laughing, talking and eating without worrying about the appearance of your teeth!

Dental Implant Procedure

Not to be confused with a dental bridge, a dental implant is a metal anchor that is surgically placed into your jaw bone. It acts as a tooth root substitute. The implant will gradually bond with the jawbone in three to six months. You will be able to wear a temporary denture or be given a temporary implant crown and enjoy a diet of soft foods during this time. As you wait, we will design the final denture, crown or bridgework. This will improve your look and the function of your teeth!

The second phase begins once the dental implant has completely bonded to the jaw bone. Dr. Muneer will first attach a small healing collar to the implants in your mouth. An impression will be taken at this time and replacement teeth will be made to cover the posts or attachments. The whole procedure can take six to eight months to perform, and most patients have no disruption to their daily life!

Call for an Evaluation for Dental Implants Today

Are you ready for dental implants? We bet you are! You’ll need to undergo a dental and radiographic exam as well as a health history before you proceed. Dr. Muneer will address all of your specific needs and concerns, or we will have an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon speak with you. We want to know all of your concerns and will answer any questions so that your procedure is a complete success!