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While we run a completely mercury-free practice, many of our patients still come in with silver or mercury fillings from previous dental visits. Not only are these not visually appealing, these fillings often cause the tooth to weaken over time. A porcelain inlay or a tooth-colored restoration (onlays) are fillings that are virtually unnoticeable and can ultimately strengthen your teeth. Our newest bonding technologies make this type of restoration beautiful and strong.

Drawbacks of Silver Fillings:

If you have silver fillings in your mouth, the edges may wear down or break. Your tooth may be left exposed and unprotected, causing cavities to start again. The silver metal can expand and contract with age, causing the tooth or teeth to split.

A silver filling has 50 percent mercury in it, which may corrode and even leak onto your teeth and gums.

We can replace any of your old silver fillings with new Tooth-Colored Restorations in our office!

Why Choose Tooth-Colored Restorations?

A resin onlay will be bonded onto the tooth to create a tight fit that feels completely natural. If there is a great deal of lost tooth structure, this type of solution is perfect. We will fix your tooth so that it stays intact and strong.

Resin can aid in preventing decay and is what we use for our tooth-colored restorations. The resin will feel like your natural tooth and we do not have to place it at your gum line, which is actually healthier! The result- your BEAUTIFUL SMILE!